I think it would be an interesting ffxiv experiment

If My Character Name Was “Asdfhjkl Uikjjiijk”, How Would You React?
The thought of this case study has crossed my mind every now and then. I’ve debated what would happen if I named my character some form of gobbledyguk nonsense, but was very active and social as a character on my server.

How would you react to someone with a name (as in the title) if they popped into DF and actually said something like, “Hello, how’s your day going”? Would you leave thinking it was a gil spammer right off the bat? Would you report me if I made a ffxiv gil PF? What if I shouted out a B-rank location in /shout, would you blacklist me?

I think it would be an interesting experiment. Thoughts?

Initially, I would think bot, if I saw that kind of name pop up in the DF party… but not leave immediately – I’d more than likely wait and see it out.
If you or the person with such name is being obviously social/friendly, I’d likely look passed that and just assume it was some kind of inside joke or ‘statement’ (especially if Roe, thanks to the Sea Wolves names), and ignore the initial perception of the name – and instead focus on the person’s personality/socializing/interaction – I’m a bit of a mirror – if you’re nice and social, then I’ll be nice and social (though, some types of social takes me a little while to open up). And then probably either call you/them “Asdf” or purposefully random sprawlings of my own keyboard smatterings, depending on how much you/the person joked around/seem to be able to take your own name lightly. “Thanks for hte party, fhgjkslffhdsjk!” “Hey fhsjk!” “Nooo don’t die, kdshfjkds!”, “fhdjsjkf, LB”, “Carry us, gfhdjsjfgdsj xD” ;x