SBI isn’t exactly known for Albion Online small changes

Historically speaking however, SBI isn’t exactly known for their small changes. Often times when they want to “re-examine a system” they end up coming up with an entirely new system that has virtually zero compatibility and usually only vaguely resembles the old system in place. A great example is the recent Fame changes they made to both Combat and Crafting. When they condensed the refining into a single node on the destiny board it polevaulted some people super far ahead and some people jumped from being able to refine T5 to being able to refine T8.

So given the huge number of Albion Online Silver before release, which when you total them up basically amount to redoing the entire game from scratch (Albion Online Items, fame, crafting, resources, gathering, farming, armor balance, weapon balance, etc are all getting an overhaul) in addition to the feature creep on top of that (Fishing? A karma system for people who can’t get over a nearly 2 decades old game?) and truthfully the decision not to release makes sense since the potential, given the developer’s history, to really destroy their released game with these level of changes and potentially bad implementations of new systems.

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