I don’t care for this boxes in Blade & Soul

They are shit,but I’m waiting the next with gems and leg weapon.

Did someone will buy this boxes or just RMT from spammers,well whats the difference? In the end of the day s/he will have what he want.I want RNG boxes with gems,and if there is any rng boxes with them price will drop.Nowdays people sell attack 5 yellow gem for 500g.In taiwan usual price was 800-1k but with rng boxes down to 300.

It’s good for both parties – lazy people keep on par with ther CC and normal players buy things cheaper.Win-Win situation.

I still prefer those people like on the screen to spend ther money into the company then 3rd parties.In first option publisher is cheap Blade And Soul Gold, so do the shareholders etc and in the second publisher and shareholders are not happy and bring silly things that China have,player in both cases get what he wanted.

So far I dropped 1k in the shop and keep like 90% of the coins for better deals,however I`ll never support gold sellers.Yes they sell cheaper and in both cases I`ll get my target done(which is Legendary weapon tbh)but I don’t like the idea to give my money to this plague I hate the most in online games.

You guys take anything and run with it I swear. RNG boxes were inevitable since the game is F2p, they need to profit from something. First you complain the game wasn’t released in the west and now that it’s here you want to complain about how an item in the “optional” cash shop is effecting your f2p experience. I find that the only ppl who call these types of boxes p2w are the people who would buy these things up in a minute if they had the income to do so but they don’t so they are envious of ppl who can.

So you’re saying as long as they put shit in their boxes and the only thing of value is the costume is fine. Why not put the costume in the shop then and get away from boxes? You want to play a fucking Blade And Soul Power leveling and ncsoft wants to make money. I’d rather pay subscription and get retards like you out of this game. You complain because they’re lowering the market price on everything. If you don’t pay for anything. They just saved you in game money, time and mats by making other people pay for stuff. There is a reason people have a job at ncsoft with degrees in business and marketing and you live in your mom’s basement eating cheetos.

oh i dont care about rng boxes for costumes and random things…i care about moonwater stones and soulstones they give in it..that is p2w no matter what anyone else say…..even i who love this game cant defend that….so when lv50 comes out theres gonna be boxes with silverfrost stones?? like plz….and they said they wouldnt do like korea p2w system…

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