Blade & Soul Quad-Core Processors

Actually this is incorrect. Unreal 3 supports quad-core processors. Infact, technically the engine doesn’t really “care” which core to use and how many cores are available in your PC. That job falls into your OS’s scheduler. The Engine allows programmers to use multiple different threads to run to finish certain tasks, this is what determines the capability of an engine, how extensive is the API available for programmers to make use of to optimize their games, BnS has around 80 of them running at one time or more, and the OS determines which ones falls into which CPU (CPU is a logical term and could mean any combination of a physical CPU core, a CPU thread or Hyper-threading).

So whenever you see an Unreal based game not using the full 4, 6 or 8 number of cores, it can be caused by many Blade And Soul Gold. From the amount of threads the game are running, how the OS decided which CPU to work on given threads and the CPU architecture or something else entirely.

The game is old, yes, but not in the sense that the engine is lacking. It’s just the codes aren’t optimized to make use of the current technology has to offer.

I would like some education please =) Maybe you or others could explain a few things to me. Why is it some people tell me the Titan X is a very overpriced gpu that isnt that much more powerful than the 980Ti? Where as others are telling me it is actually more powerful & the better choice for future proofing a build?

Well no its not obvious to me thats why I asked x.x I already said I dont know this stuff well & all I have seen until your post is “X is to much for that kind of power increase”. So I have been looking for something more detailed so I can understand if its actually worth its price or not worth it.

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