Albion Online: Changelog since Winter Alpha

These is a short overview of all the changes we implemented during the last three months.

New Spells: We doubled the amount of spells available.

New Spell Mechanics: We added new spell functionality (skillshots, knock back, pull mechanics and some more)

Anti Zerg Spells: We added spells where the damage increases significantly the more targets you hit! So clustering on one spot is now a bad option combined with the genreal increase of GTAoE spells.

Missions: You can now do Combat, Crafting, Gathering and Transport Missions which will reward you with Silver and increase your standing with one faction.

Factions: We added 4 factions: Royals, Undead, Disciples of Morgana, Keepers of Albion. Doing missions for these them will increase your standing and you will be able to buy special faction gear. (FYI: This will be patched during the Alpha test)
Reforging: At the repair station you can not only repair and salvage items but also reforge them. Reforging means for a small silver fee you can change the spells on an item

Albion Online

Learning Points: To unlock an Item on the destiny board you need to spend learning points. Learning points do regenerate with Albion Online Silver, also when you are not logged in.

Crafting Endurance: Crafting items costs “crafting endurance”. You can decrease the amount of endurance it costs by climbing up the appropriate mastery levels of an item. We are also adding items which will allow you to get new “crafting endurance” ingame. They also regenerate over time (also when you are logged off).

Destiny Board Rework: The mastery levels got a new UI and more significant bonuses and unlocks. (e.g. If you master the 1-handed sword this may also give you bonuses for other “bladed” weapons.)

Enchanted Weapons: We doubled the amount of Albion Online Items. They are meant as a horizontel progression.

Example: You can have a “Tier 5; Level 5 Item” This item needs only T5 resources but some very special new resources which are harder to get then just gathering them in the world. A “Tier 5; Level 5” is as powerful as a “Tier 8; Level 2” item.

Building capacity: buildings now have a maximum capacity for crafting. this capacity regenerates over time. this is to have a reason to have the same building multiple times

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