Suggested improvements from a new albion online player

No particular order, just random observations.

1, Fame splitting in groups should be offset somewhat by a grouping bonus that awards more fame than currently awarded after splitting. Too harsh a penalty now.

2. Radius of interactivity should be expanded somewhat when encumbered to the point of complete immobility.

3. Farming plants should take less time than animals in order to keep up with the feeding cycles.

4. In general, farming activities progress more slowly than other skills. You can’t repetitively farm crops like you can kill mobs, needs to go faster to keep in balance with other progressions.

5. Allocation of Farm plots vs. Building plots seems wrong on private Islands. I use up every farm plot and wind up with tons of extra building slots. Who builds everything? Rather have more farms per level than building plots.

6. Move to the top of the list all Other Islands you can visit before Cities, not just your own.

7. Scrollbar in the chat box.

8. Recovery from Knockout should take less than 40 seconds. Hell, the gear damage is punishment enough, don’t need to frustrate players waiting around staring at a screen that long.

9. Tab targeting would really help identify where your attacker is in dark screens.

10. Gamma slider please!

11. Repair All button

12. More clear identification of dungeons that are “single player” but have large groups of vet bosses. Are 5 vets really “single player”?

Thanks, love the game, these additions would make it even more killer.

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