Albion Online AMA with the developers

I’m Stefan, aka Bercilak, and I am the CEO of Sandbox Interactive – the studio developing Albion Online ( Without a Kickstarter campaign, but with more than 250,000 registered players, more than 35,000 Founders and $2,5 million brought in by (crowd-)funding, we have launched our Closed Beta phase today, on November 23. And boy, are we excited!

My team and I want to offer AMA to answer all your questions about our game, the current status of development, its history and everything else you can Buy Albion Online Gold. If you have never heard of Albion Online: it is a Sandbox MMORPG in a medieval setting. We have drawn inspiration from games like EVE Online, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, League of Legends and smaller titles like Haven & Hearth.

As I have already mentioned, we have launched into our Closed Beta test today. If you fancy a look, there’s already a whole ton of streamers playing the game on Twitch

Why have we developed Albion Online? We had the feeling that there was a lack of innovation in the MMO-market. In the past few years, there have been a lot of MMOs that did not take many risks and tried to copy the success of the MMO-top dog (we all know which one I mean). We want to take a different route with Albion Online. Thus we have implemented a whole lot of innovative gameplay solutions and elements which we will happily talk to you about today.

Additionally, Albion Online is at full PC-MMO taking the step towards mobile platforms. Yes, Albion Online is also playable on Android and (after release) iOS tablets – besides Windows-PC, Linux and Mac of course. Every player on one server in one world. We believe no other game offers this amount of Cheap Albion Online Gold. Our statement: we do not want to make just another mobile game, there’s already plenty of that. We want to bring a full PC-MMO also to mobile!