Is this a viable playing Albion Online strategy?

First, many thanks for your advice and the link to your recruitment thread. Your guild looks very compelling and intriguing to us. Let me tell you my thoughts about why my wife and I have gravitated toward playing on our own in virtually every Albion Online Power Leveling MMO we’ve played.

We love the joy of discovery and accomplishment, for us it is a huge part of the enjoyment of any game. We savor our first time in a dungeon, we consider it carefully and deliberatively and sample everything in it, and we celebrate finding our first cool loots We LOVE this part of the game. In the past, when we have joined with guilds (even the most mature, intelligently led ones), the first thing that happens is our hosts shower us with gifts. It’s very well intentioned and we appreciate the sentiment, but it completely robs us of the joy of our own accomplishments and cheapens everything thereafter. It is incredibly disappointing to loot something wonderful, only to realize that the Staff of Foozle given to me by the guild is better.

Then they take us on a “fast dungeon clear”, which winds up utterly spoiling the experience for us and leaving us wondering “WTF just happened”? Again, I understand that it is all extremely well-intentioned and serves the legitimate purpose of bringing strength to the guild efficiently and quickly. But it tramples on our own enjoyment of the experience. This is made worse by being required to use TS (which, I totally get should be required for situations requiring tactical finesse), which inevitably results in having to listen for hours to fart jokes or big boob discussions.

Finally, when we join a guild I inevitably find that my [Insert level designation here] level crafting skills are not needed because the guild already has 16 crafters doing exactly what I’m doing.

All of this has left us conflicted. We love the camaraderie of companionship, we enjoy socializing with others of like mind. But we are here to fully enjoy the experience and for us, that has always meant that we take our time uncovering every stone along the way, making our Cheap Albion Online Gold¬†own path, finding our own goods, developing our own economic niche and honing it to perfection, and then, usually after we level cap and are well equipped, joining a guild we like if we can find one. We don’t like to guild hop, so we don’t generally join the first one we see, we like to get to know the server landscape before making a commitment. We are fiercely loyal once we’re on the team, but these days it’s a real crap shoot who you wind up with if you don’t do your homework first.

So that’s why we duo. Make sense? Are there good reasons I should reconsider in this new world?

Thanks again for all the thoughts in this thread.