Resources and territory Albion Online Dungeons

Greetings one and all,

I have not the experience of the Alpha. But were the areas always überfarmt so hopeless? So far, the game in the lower tiers feels very monotonous, because you just basically gnawed tree stumps, shredded cotton and flax plants, searches to fine sand milled rock debris and the bodies recently various NPCs into miserable remnants.

The dungeons are more or less empty and you catch yourself how rather like race by running through this, but yet to land in the hope of the first blow to the boss, if that is ever since. There are simply too many players for too few Cheap Albion Online Gold resources. I like to imagine me not at all, as is the actual release.

I would have given you some ideas how this can modify all without bringing the economy today.

1) Indivdualisierte resources

Each resource in the open game world is now available individually for each player. There is no competition when mining of wood, stone, metals or chasing animals. Now there is for each occurrence or usable animal a correspondingly long respawn time (may be calm up to 12 hours). In this way, is to seek an ambitious collector forced in a number of areas and does not need in an area favorable Respawngelegenheiten hoped. In this way, the collectors have even with rising numbers of players always something to do without worrying about crashing commodity prices. Thus, the availability of raw materials is a function of player population and thereby also the prices in a real variation depending on supply and demand. With the current system can be expected with increasing numbers of players with a shortage of certain raw materials, as well as frustration among newcomers who are beginning to rely on the gathering, but as good as find anything.

2) (PvP Dungeons Instanced Area Dungeons are therefore not meant!)
Even if that is seen as a “no go” for many open-world fetishist, I see so far no other option but to make use of an instantiation of the field Dungeons. Because so far they are likely to differ in their level of difficulty underground and from the farm fields on the regular menu hardly. My suggestion would be here each have a version for solo players and a variant for small groups, each with separate respawn (also up to 12 hours). In this way, people do not always hang in the same dungeon rum and becampen the Bossspawn but look different dungeons and seek appropriate groups for it. In this way the Dungeons give also a certain sense and to encourage Albion Online Gold group play and then also provide serious challenges for ambitious solo player when the corresponding difficulty agrees. For groups there could be a dynamic difficulty and loot bonus, depending on group size.

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